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Film Is A Hobby

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I know people who shoot on film and the only thing I don't like about their hobby is the frequent suggestion that film photography is somehow more "pure" than digital shooting. What?

I shot on film for decades starting in the 60s with my wonderful Canon FT-QL. (been with Canon since)

I spent money on film, paper, and chemicals, shooed the family away from my dark room, and watched film and paper get abused by time. Digital photography is a natural technological evolution. No moral imperative exists. I get more images, and do more with them, and faster, with no wasted frames and my granddaughter can look over my shoulder while I'm developing. I could not do the work I do with a film rig. To those who wish to shoot on film, "Have fun but find another way to take yourself seriously."



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