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How To Talk To A Photographer, Pt. 40

Watching several of the web sites devoted to photography has convinced me that the camera manufacturers are working to mix popular conception with actual useful features.

I've seen posts lately that tout extremely "fast" lenses, those with a maximum aperture the width of the lens. I wonder, however how many situations would make that aperture really useful. You may argue that when shooting landscapes at long distances that aperture can give you an infinite DOF. I would answer that, using the Simple DOF calculator, f/4.8 also gives you an infinite DOF at 30 ft. Using the same app I get a DOF of 33' using f/2.8 @24mm @20 ft. To me that's plenty of useful focus area when shooting people & places. When shooting head shots I need about 1' of DOF and, at 10 feet, @ 70mm, that's f/5.

Think of a beautiful, really expensive, sports car...exciting but, for any practical purpose, useless.

Feel free to enlighten me if I'm missing an important point about this. I love to learn.



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