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Anniversary Present For Louisiana

Yes, on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's destructive charge through Southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast on her way to versions of the same in other states, Hurricane Ida made an admirable attempt to duplicate her devastation.

Two things combined to make the chaos left by Ida less widespread than what Katrina left. First; Ida took a different path as she slowly weakened over land. Second; our levees and other flood protection have been dramatically improved since 2001.

Nevertheless, the term "back to normal" will have varied meanings. For me and mine it will mean the return of drinkable tap water, the repair of some roof damage and the removal of dead tree parts from our property. For others it will mean clinging to a few remaining possessions while trying to rebuild a place to live from the ground up.

Some ask why we live here. The answer is the same as for everyone. We live here because of economics, family, familiarity, and climate, not necessarily in that order. On Wednesday, while Ida was ruining and taking lives North of us, we gathered with neighbors and enjoyed a staple of local menus, red beans and rice. It was the first hint of our return to habits and plans. As we plod toward a more mundane life my posts will return to more photographic content. Like our state bird, we live here because it's home.



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