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You Gotta Have An Angle

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

If you want to make photographs that are eye catching you should look for various angles and elevations from which to shoot. This might mean something as simple as squatting a little for an upward looking shot or standing on a chair for the opposite.

Look around for a place that will change your shooting angle without putting you in danger. I always look for a riser, stage, stairway, balcony, anywhere I can place myself for a few shots that will give my client additional choices.

This shot is from Generations Hall during the wine raffle I shot for the MPI Gulf States Chapter. The space wasn’t open as part of the evening but, well, it wasn’t exactly restricted except for that closed gate that happened to bump open when I got close to it.

The client may not be impressed by the unusual angles, but I include them just in case they hit the spot. If you want to impress with your photographs, consider setting up a shot and then thinking how a different angle might improve it.


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