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Adobe Amazes Again

Since ancient times every photographer has struggled with separating a full head of hair, with lots of fine strands sticking out, from a background. Like many photographers, I've been using Adobe products for what seems like centuries and I've marveled at the advances they've made in making such separations. Well Erma Gerd reports that the latest update to Adobe Photoshop brings a truly giant leap for photographer-kind in separations.

Using only the "select subject" command I made the separations you see below that, last week, would've taken me 20-30 min. of trying to find the best combination of settings in "select and mask" and then settling for something that lost about 15% of the hair. Selecting a blonde head on a white background was the worst.

If you're an Adobe Photoshop user and haven't checked out this latest update, issued this week, you're in for a few moments of happiness. Pick your most challenging hair selection possibility and see what happens when you use "select subject".

This selection was made using only the "select subject" command in Adobe Photoshop.


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