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I Only Got One Smoothie

When my friends learned that I'd be flying to Dallas to shoot the annual Smoothie King Franchisee convention, the consensus was that I'd be enjoying unlimited smoothies the entire 3 days. That's not how it turned out.

Shooting the Smoothie King franchisee meeting means I'll be shooting all the expected elements of a convention you'd expect except a parade, which is often included when conventions are in New Orleans. Smoothie King's V.P. of Training Education, Katherine Meariman, puts together a very complete set of varied experiences including a casual party with family oriented games and food on the first night and a dance party with a great cover band on the second night. It's a great challenge and, actually, a bunch of fun. By the time I finish shooting the exhibits, the last activity on day 3, I'm ready for a nap.

Oh yes; the only sample smoothie available was a sample from the exhibits of a new flavor you can expect to see in the coming months with a great orange flavor and which is intended to help support your immune system.


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