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We Have The Tools

Photographers have been practicing physical distancing for a long time. We do it so we can shoot the center of everyone's attention without becoming the center of attention. If you're reading this you're probably well aware of the capabilities of modern telephoto lenses. I, however, still like to show off what my lenses, Canon's world famous "L" series, can do.

This shot of Peyton Manning was made as he delivered a keynote address in 2017.

The camera is the Canon's 50mp, EOS 5Ds. The lens is Canon's EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM.

I was shooting from (I think) about 15 ft. at 55mm.

With this equipment I can get a good closeup shot while staying in the shadows.

Peyton Manning delivers a keynote speech to the Aclara company convention in 2017


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