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Colorizing Is Naturalizing

According to an opinion I recently read,

"Colorization doesn't not bring us closer to the past. It Increases the gap between now and then. It does not enable immediacy. It creates difference."

Oh, really? Take a look at this image of my great-great grandparents.

I have it on good authority that they didn't look like that. They were not shades of gray

It's my considered opinion that my great-great grandparents, like every other person I've ever seen or met, were colorful.

They may not have looked exactly like this but they certainly looked more like the second photo than the first. Colorization brings us closer to the reality of the past.

I have no time for the practice of adding content to old images or films. That's nothing but the editor's imagination.

I am certain, however, that, if the photographers of earlier times had access to the equipment with which to make images in color, the majority of them would've done so without hesitation.

P.S. I also digitally cleaned up this photo before adding colors. I can do this kind of colorizing for you but it takes a long time and I charge a lot.



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