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Credentials & Photographs

You may have noticed that I post a bunch of logos beneath the "How I Work" section of my main page. The use of most of them cost some money but I want to show that I'm serious about my business and my citizenship. I am, however, disturbed by the fact that an organization like the Professional Photographers of America would charge me to take a test to see if I know how a camera works. Such a test can't possible determine any photographer's qualification for any given job. I joined so I can add that logo since I see it frequently used. I list nearly every entity that's used my work because trusted advisors tell me it will influence the decision of a potential client. By now, however, you've no doubt seen many of my photographs and can easily judge the my ability to shoot scenes you'll want to use. Remember that I've been shooting photographs with single lens reflex cameras since the Viet Nam war, in 1967. My pictures really do tell my story.

CLECO technicians
I shot this for CLECO and their agency, Captains of Industry

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