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How to talk to a photographer, pt. 34

I now use 2 Canon 5Ds bodies which create a maximum file size of 50mp. It's not because I need that many megapixels for displays like the one below. Those are 12mp images shot with my cameras "dialed back" to produce smaller images. That's because on this particular job I was required to transfer all my files to the client's hard drive before leaving each day. I reduced my file size so I wouldn't spend an extra hour at the end of the day waiting for 800 files of 50mp to transfer.

As you can see, those 12mp files looked just fine on those great big screens. The modern LED screen will translate the image to reproduce it with remarkable accuracy as long as it has a reasonable resolution and is the correct aspect ratio (length to width).

My work on display at a general session during a recent conference in New Orleans.


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