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How To Talk To A Photographer, Pt. 41

You'll get better looking photographs from a camera held the "best" way while shooting. The ubiquitousness of personal devices sold as phones or tablets but used mainly as cameras has caused many people to adopt the habit of framing a shot through a live LCD screen. That's the least stable way to hold a camera though it doesn't seem to bother most who post on social media. For "serious" photography you'll want to make your camera as stable as possible and holding it against your face with one hand under the lens and body and your elbow against your body, when possible, stabilizes the camera much more than holding the camera away from your body so you can see the LCD screen.

Those among us who've been shooting since the old days are very accustomed to looking through a viewfinder. Those newer to the vocation will find the technique I've described easy to learn and much easier to use. I find that I can frame a shot more quickly by aiming through the viewfinder than by lining up with the LCD screen. That just may be because I've been doing it for 50 years.



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