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Is Street Photography Art?

I have mixed feelings about the elevation of pointing the camera at scenes you find interesting, for whatever reason, to the artistic category of “street photography”. It’s true that making interesting photographs of people and things normally found outdoors requires a certain eye for the scene. Each of us in photography thinks we have such an eye. The reason I hesitate to elevate street photography to an art form is that the photographer simply must recognize the scene and capture it before it changes. That’s exactly what I did to capture the scene shown here. This did require that I saw what was happening and anticipated the shot. I guess it's artistic in a way. It’s mainly an example of timing.

In my profession, as a convention and event photographer, I must keep watch for a good scene and be ready to grab it with my camera. Often the scene is planned by the meeting planner and I just have to be at the proper place on time. I try to be creative in the way I capture the moment but “art”? I’m not feeing it.

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