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Stopping The Action, pt. 2

Your camera has (probably) 2 settings that will help you stop action without the need to change each part of your exposure settings.

On your mode dial look for a Tv or just a T or, possibly S. That's the setting for the "shutter priority" mode. In that mode you set the shutter speed, high for stopping action, and the camera changes the other settings to match the light reading it gets through the lens.

Another way is to use the "sport" setting on your mode dial, if you have one. It's usually a silhouette of a runner. In it the computer in the camera will pick the correct settings for stopping action. If either selection isn't on your mode dial, check your instructions.

You should note that the settings in either of these modes may not be just right for the shot you want but you can use them as a starting point. Look at the shots taken in the mode of choice with the metadata showing in your LCD. Then you may choose to go Manual and fine tune those settings.

a Canon DSLR mode dial with annotated modes
Here's one version of a Canon mode dial.


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